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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day Three of the Rutt!!

As you can see from my images i managed to get out today as the weather had got slightly better, although i was confined to the woods rather than the open moorland due to thick fog and mist. The hind picture was taken in the early morning mist and she was unaware of my presence and continued to feed quite happily was i got a couple of shots. The two Royal Stag images were taken this evening around 1700 and were a total fluke, i went for a walk in the woods after a fairly rubbish day's photography, the images were of low quality due to shooting at ISO 1600 because of poor light levels in the forest but i am rather happy overall. The Stag at one point was roaring so close to me my heart was racing and i had chills going up my spine, i really did get to close, although he came to me. And to top the day off a young rather inquisitive fox came along a trail towards me whilst i was hugging a rather large Oak tree in my Camo Clothing, after firing off a few shutters it heard it and decided to come closer to me, that close it nearly touch my toes. A truly remarkable experience for me and the fox, although once i moved and it realised i was human it fled rather rapidly away, all in all an awesome day on Exmoor!!!

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