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Monday, 15 October 2012

Day 10, A wet start, but all is not lost!!

Today started out to be a wet one, but between showers it showed sign's of improvement. I started off at Dunkery Beacon with a Three a top stag leaping in front of me on the way back to the car, which was a Billy bonus; I think I was more surprised than him!! Just before I got back to the car I came across a small number of Golden Plover in there winter Plumage, really nice to see, although rather tricky to photograph!! After leaving Dunkery "B" I decided to head to a quiet woodland spot, a name which will stay on the QT!! As I travelled through the woodland in stealth mode I came across a young deer all on his/her own, we spent an hour working each other out which was a lovely experience. We eventually parted company and headed in our designated directions!! My last port of call was a known spot for a veteran Red Deer Stag, who has just passed his best but still has one hell of a voice. And just as I was about to leave he made a guest appearance and did not let me down. I was fully Camed up, behind a tree, we had what seemed like an age of staring at each other, but eventually he couldn't work out what I was so he continued onwards!! Another unforgettable time once again!! You must forgive my spelling and grammar; I'm on my second bottle of Red!!

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