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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Day 11, Best weather by far, Although a wet bottom!!

Today was the earliest start so far, a 0600 alarm followed by walking on the moor at 0715, best time of the day. As you can see from a selection of my images I spent most of the day in one place, Dunkery all the way!! I managed to position myself downwind from the deer with a big hill as cover, the only problem I had was to sit in a small stream as punishment for my position, and unfortunately my trousers were not waterproof so I spent 3 hours with a wet behind!! Not good, but what a position to view today's action! I could go on but needless to say the deer were completely oblivious of me and carried on there daily routine, eating, sleeping cleaning and flirting. The main stag with his head up belling was the king of the hill today securing 28 females, stealing 12 from a rival stag, who in my opinion could have taken him, but who am I to argue? The young black stag on the blog is going to be the future Majestic stag, such lovely antlers and great black colour indicating good genes, so in 6-7 years he will be there kicking ass!! Only my opinion which doesn't count for much:))) It was a very vocal day with the big fella calling constantly, any challenger in the vicinity would do well to keep away. Although not a Royal, he had one good pair of lungs!! First Pic's, 2 x young Stags, Second two the big fella belling, the fifth was the happy man with the ladies, the sixth and seventh was a bit of a kiss and tell, and finally the eighth was the dominant stag chasing away a rival. No wine tonight!!!

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