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Saturday, 13 October 2012

At last Some decent weather and Action on Dunkery!!

After a very disappointing 7 days on Exmoor due to weather, finally the day came for some decent images. From the images above you can see a young Brocket stag chasing a female hind, hoping for some action, but as you can see from the other images the bigger chaps were about. I heard a distant sound of two stags belling down in the valley, so I stalked the stag and hinds upwind until I came to a good viewpoint and settled down to wait. Before long a stag appeared and started to call and display some angry body language, then in came a rival stag equally matched and they began to fight right in front of me. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a head shot but I was far too close to go any further, for fear of them turning on me. That was the first time I witnessed and photographed two stags fighting, an unusual sight on Exmoor due to lack of serious competition and size of area covering 352 square miles with only roughly 2500-3000 red deer. Another photographer spotted the action and started to stalk in the wrong direction and scared all the deer away "Wally" splitting up the heard, but all in all an "awesome day"!!